About Us

Jamiah Qasimul Uloom (JQU) is an institute established in 2015 to provide the Muslim community with traditional Islamic education. Mufti Ahmed Bemat (d. 2004) and Maulana Asad Bemat (d. 1993) had a vision to start an Islamic seminary in Toronto for the community.

The name, as suggested many years ago by Mufti Ahmed Bemat, is primarily based on the Prophetic Tradition in which he ﷺ said, “And indeed I am a distributor (Qasim), and Allah is the only One Who truly gives.”

Our goal is to equip students with sufficient knowledge so that they may apply text to context and bring traditional studies to life in the modern world.

We also prepare our students to become model citizens through the Prophetic character.

Our Services

Our Library

Alhamdulillah, we are currently stocked with more than ten thousand books in our library, and our doors are open for public use. We host a variety of texts in Arabic, English, and Urdu, from classical to contemporary. Feel free to drop in!

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